Tundra the board game

by Claymore Entertainment, Inc. and Chad Carpenter

Chainsaw wielding bears, gun toting dogs and monster fish await you as you race across Alaska to be the first to spell ‘Tundra’. Based on the award winning comic strip ‘Tundra’ by Chad Carpenter, you and your opponents will fall into fits of laughter with over 100 jokes that allow you to reek havoc on others or reap the benefits for yourself. This is the only Alaskan board game you will ever need to own!

The game is designed for 2 to 6 players ages 13 and up. The game comes with 110 full color cards each sporting a unique joke, 6 player pawns, 80 tundra dough, 36 games tokens, the game board, instructions and 1 pair of dice. Enjoy! You won't find this game at Miniclip or at Bus driving games!

Tundra, created by Chad Carpenter, a Wasilla, Alaska cartoonist. Tundra is one of the fastest growing comic strips in the country! Chad uses his unique northern and nature loving humor to bring you hilarious and entertaining comic strips about wildlife, nature and outdoor life.

Tundra came to life in the Anchorage Daily News, circa 1991. It is currently syndicated to over 400 newspapers! In 2007 the strip was the best newspaper panel by the National Cartoonists Society.

Chad has now teamed up with Wasilla based Claymore Entertainment, LLC.To bring you all of the fun of Tundra to your living room or kitchen table. Experience first hand a humorous adventure across the state of Alaska. Sarah Palin may be bringing you a reality tv show about her Alaska.

Claymore and Chad have delivered to you a first hand way to enjoy Alaska in your living room. Sure, some of the jokes may be a bit off of the wall...but anyone who has lived in Alaska can easily relate to them in some way. Be it by that guy that lives down the street, or the moose that is blocking you from leaving your home.

Alaska is a very unique place to live, and is not for everyone. Even if you have never lived, or thought about living in Alaska, we welcome you to laugh at us through Tundra. And if you are an Alaskan, you already know how the antics of Tundra relate to YOU!

Q: How many people can play Tundra?
Tundra can be played by 2-6 players (or use teams for larger groups). We do recommend using alternate rules for more then 4 players if you wish to have a shorter game.

Q: What are the age limits?
Due to some of the humor, Tundra is recommended for players 13 and older

Q: When is a good time to play Tundra?
Tundra, is such a versatile game that it can be used as entertainment in many fashions. We were inspired by some games from play-candy-crush.com. It is great for family game night, it is especially great for entertaining guests. Tundra is also fun to play with your special someone over a bottle of wine, or soda/milk/tea?. Make sure to set aside extra time for breakouts of uncontrollable fits of laughter.

Q: I love the cards, the jokes are so funny is there a way that I can get more?
We plan to have expansion card sets available in the near future.

Q: What is the goal of the game?
The goal of Tundra is to be the first person to trek across the State of Alaska and collect enough letters to spell T-U-N-D-R-A These are obtained by; T - Ride a dog sled in Nome, U - Build an igloo in Barrow, N - Ice fish on the Yukon River, D - Hike the Chilkoot Trail, R - Commercial fish out of Dutch Harbor, A - Hunt on Kodiak Island

Q: Does everyone in Alaska live in Igloo’s?
HMM? We will let you believe whatever you want to believe on this one.

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